Project Moondance is an overall effort to modernize and revitalize the open source rhythm gaming engine StepMania. It is led by Team Rizu, a development team led by community veteran Squirrel, as well as many other prominent members of the current StepMania community.

Moondance was originally conceived as being a complete fork of StepMania. However, we have since gained the support of its current lead developer, and are currently working on an experimental branch codenamed OutFox – based on version 5.1. OutFox focuses primarily on refactoring low-level portions of StepMania in preparation for future development, including code modernization to improve performance, as well as changes to its graphics architecture to provide more complete support for modern hardware.

However, OutFox is only the first stage of our plans: “Serene” is a future project that will significantly refactor StepMania to make it a true video game engine for rhythm games, with wide support for various game play styles and input schemes, including touchscreens.

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