Updated Alpha 4 build released

As a follow-up to our initial release on Friday, we have released StepMania 5.3.0 “OutFox” Alpha 4 (16 December 2019). This build contains fixes for a number of bugs that had been reported by users, as well as other fixes.


  • Fix Linux compilation
  • Fix FFMPEG memory leak
  • Fix splash being width locked.
  • Ensure Frame is persistent and not lose data
  • Fix ScreenGameplay background.lua calling the old func instead of the updated one
  • Make Soundwaves evaluation screen’s noteskin actors grab from the Stage ModsLevel
  • Fix resolution scaling of credits and intro.
  • Fix typing issue with DrawDistanceBeforeTargetsPixels
  • Fix TapNoteScore_Attack being invalid by replacing it with a valid TNS
  • Allow PLayerAI to use Pro Judgments
  • Remove delete on sharedptr in D3D
  • Avatars can use any image format now.
  • Update soundman earlier to stop USB cards lagging
  • Hotfix Crash fixes
  • Fix color profile on D3D
  • Fix Input detection on macOS
  • Make map controllers screen background less distracting.
  • Custom overlay for calibration screen.
  • [Feature] New HD noteskin (FourV2)
  • [Feature] Include new core mediaframeworks into CMake for macOS
  • NSIS and Installer fixes
  • Fix Lua compile warnings
  • Fix Topcap Effects
  • [Feature] Add Stretch and shrink holds
  • [Feature] Add ComboIsPerRow option to settings menu on Soundwaves
  • Adjust Soundwaves gameplay screen to be more 4:3 friendly.
  • Make BitmapText Accept floats and then convert to int to prevent Lua errors
  • Fix StepF2 chart parsing
  • Fix capitalization of “shakesoda” in credits.


Download links are available on the Downloads page. Builds are available for Windows, Linux, and macOS.

Due to OS security limitations, you may need to perform additional configuration changes to install on macOS. Please see the troubleshooting page for more information.

  • Xenon

    Good work!


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