Better to be a judge than be judged (Call for submissions!)

As mentioned earlier, we added a system-wide version of a popular theme feature to StepMania 5.3, which allows players to choose their own judgment font styles to be used in-game. With that in mind, we thought it would be nice to get the community involved in making some new judgment fonts to include with the game, so there’s a fresh set of new looks for everyone to enjoy.

We are in the need of Normal (2×6), ECFA (2×6), and Advanced/Pro (2×11) judgement fonts (with special merit going towards matching sets of a single font for all three major categories). The template graphic below demonstrates the colors and names we have been using in Soundwaves.

We ask that you respect the names and chosen colors on the 6-tier scale, and the colors before Wicked on the 11-tier scale. We’re being loose on the colors for Wicked and up on pro judgments, since this is a new concept, and we think this could also be a good way to find better ways to express them (i.e. you don’t have to use rainbows like I did, just something that makes the progression clear on the “Just” judgments).

Some notes

  • The classic judgments in the image above are scaled from their actual size in the default Soundwaves font. However, the Pro set is the actual image size.
  • Judgment fonts are usually contained onto a single file, arranged identically to how it is in the above. Each judgment is a frame on the sprite sheet, with each frame being the same size. For best results, make the width of the entire graphic at least 600 pixels (naturally or after double resolution). Most of the default judgment fonts for non-pro modes I’ve made have had a frame size of 320×86 for each judgement (making the entire image size 640×516).
  • Just is not part of the judgment; these particular judgments are listed on the evaluation as “Just Perfect”/etc. Nothing stopping you from incorporating it, though!


  • Submissions must be your original work, and not based heavily off an existing work (such as an existing game. They can be inspired by another work, but they must not be a direct clone).
  • Follow the colors and names given on the template below (though you’re allowed to adjust the colors to suit your aesthetic or for practical reasons (t
  • By submitting judgement font graphics, you irrevocably agree that your work will be licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 4.0 license (you will be credited in the readme if your judgement is included) and MIT License (the SM license)

We will take submissions through the #theming channel on our Discord server: the deadline will be set at some point before our first public beta release in February, so hopefully you’ll have a lot of time! If you have any questions, you can inquire there too.

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