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Hello, I’m Lirodon – a UX designer and a community liaison for Project Moondance

The addition of Lua support to StepMania enabled greater power and flexibility for add-on content such as themes. Since the release of StepMania 5, themes have become more extensive in their functionality, building upon the Lua API to provide features such as personalization, gameplay enhancements, and in-game statistics.

The new default theme for OutFox, Soundwaves, is inspired by the community, and how it has enriched the StepMania experience. It’s clean and lightweight, but still has a sense of style. It’s being designed around the new features and functionality being developed for OutFox, along with familiar concepts inspired by other popular themes.

What you see now is what I’ve dubbed Soundwaves G1: besides integration with a few OutFox features mentioned in the previous post, it is largely compatible with the Lua API and functionality already present in StepMania as of the current release. As we continue the process of modernizing StepMania, we will be adding new features that can be leveraged as part of themes, which will be used to further enhance Soundwaves over time.

One of our objectives has been to ignore any existing limitations: if StepMania can’t do something we really want it to do, just build a way to do it. Jousway already came up with an early version of a feature that a ton of users have likely been waiting for.

Soundwaves is being designed exclusively with 16:9 resolutions in mind; a legacy version of the theme based on the 5.0.12 default is also being designed. As of December 27, 2018, 4:3 support has been added in beta!

If you have any questions, critiques, or feature requests for the theme, or OutFox in general, feel free to share them with us. Remember; as mentioned earlier, we do not have to be bound to existing limitations. We already had some ideas in mind, but they are dependent on future additions to the base codebase.

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